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Moral Conflict in Antigone Essay -- World Literature Sophocles

The significant good clash in Antigone by Sophocles is the contention over which worth is generally basic. The play presents the ethical clash about whether the god's law or the city's law is all the more impressive. This is by all accounts the most noticeable subject. The contention emerges principally between the lamentable legends Antigone and her uncle-in-law Creon, King of Thebes. The city of Thebes had experienced a war in which Antigone and her sister Ismene have lost both of their siblings to it, Eteocles and Polyneices. Eteocles' battling for Thebes was covered and respected as a legend. (lines 24-26) Polyneices was left unburied and disrespected in light of the fact that he is viewed as an adversary of the city. (lines 27-32) Creon decrees that whoever violated the law by covering Polyneices will be viewed as a crook. (lines 203-209) The contention among Antigone and Creon emerges when she concludes she should respect her sibling's demise and gives him internment. (line 72) I myself will cover him, she communicated to Ismene. When Antigone has covered her sibling, she is brought before King Creon to clarify her activities. (p. 177) Sophocles presents the different sides of the contention, moral law versus city law; Antigone communicates the side of good law and Creon communicates his side with the laws of the city. Antigone starts by disclosing to her sister Ismene it was her obligation as a sister that she ought to cover her dead sibling. It is an obligation she owes to her family. She likewise communicates that the ruler won't keep me from my own. at the end of the day, obligation to the family is over her obligation to the city. Antigone additionally reveals to Ismene that she is happy to turn into a crook and bite the dust for her convictions. She trusts her demise won't be futile, and it is respecting her fa mily; and the divine beings, thusly, will perceive... ...Ismene stands up to Creon and discloses to him she had a section in Polyneices internment. (line 537) She is willing presently to join Antigone in her difficulties and isn't afraid to let it out. (line 539) She is eager to join Antigone in death. On account of Ismene, her character can resolve the contention all alone. She understands she is nothing without her family and Creon's laws have removed her family. The contention introduced in Antigone includes all the characters and unfortunate legends. Regardless of whether its inside clash or strife between two individuals, the subject is available all through the whole play. Contradicting sees lead the primary characters to take activities that in the long run crush all. Works Cited Sophocles. Antigone. Trans. Robert Fagles. Writing and the Writing Process. Elizabeth McMahan, Susan X. Day, and Robert Funk. sixth. ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice, 2002.

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September Writing Prompts for Grade School Students

September Writing Prompts for Grade School Students September is an incredible month for educators and understudies to begin the propensity for every day composing. Composing each day, in any event, for a brief timeframe, can set the establishments for extraordinary accomplishments during the year ahead. These prompts have been decided to feature key occasions and remembrances during September and are incredible for every day warm-ups or diary passages. Month of September: Better Breakfast MonthClassical Music MonthNational School Success MonthRead-a-New-Book Month Composing Prompt Ideas for September September 1st Theme: Nursery RhymesThe adolescence rhyme Mary Had a Little Lambâ (1830) depends on an episode in the life of Mary Sawyer of Sterling, Massachusetts. when her sheep followed her to class one day.What was your preferred nursery rhyme as a youngster? For what reason do you think you enjoyed it so much?September second Theme: Better Breakfast MonthWhat is your concept of an awesome breakfast? Portray precisely what youd serve.September 3rd Theme: Labor DayThe first Monday in September is put aside as a yearly national tribute to the commitments laborers have made to the quality, thriving, and prosperity of our nation. As per the United States Department of Labor site, Labor Day is a production of the work development and is committed to the social and monetary accomplishments of American workers.How does your family observe Labor Day weekend?September 4th Theme: Classical Music MonthHave you at any point tuned in to old style music? What is your inclination about it? For what reason do you feel that way?September 5th Theme: Pizza (National Cheese Pizza Day)Describe your ideal pizza. Incorporate insights concerning the outside, sauce, and fixings. September sixth Theme: Read a Book DayThere are examines that show the beneficial outcomes of perusing on social prosperity. Perusing fiction improves a perusers capacity to comprehend different people groups convictions, wants, and contemplations that are unique in relation to their own.Do you like to peruse? Assuming this is the case, what kind of things do you like to peruse: books, magazines, sites, and so on. If not, why dont you like to read?September 7th Theme: Neither Rain Nor Snow DayThe informal ideology of the United States Postal Service is epitomized in this statement found on the James Farley Post Office in New York City:Neither snow nor downpour nor heat nor misery of night remains these messengers from the quick fulfillment of their named rounds.Describe the challenges that you that mail bearers may look on some random day? Do you think this is a difficult activity? Would you need to be a mail carrier?September eighth Theme: Anniversary of the Day Ford Pardoned Nixo nOn September 8, 1974, President Gerald Ford absolved Richard Nixon of any bad behavior related with Watergate. For what reason do you think Ford exonerated him? Do you figure he ought to have? Why or why not? September 9th Theme: Grandparents DayWhat are three characteristics that you think make an incredible grandparent? For what reason do you think they need these qualities.September tenth Theme: T.V. Supper DayDo you believe that it is significant for families to have supper together at any rate a couple of times each week? Why or why not?September eleventh Theme: 9-11 World Trade Center Remembrance DayYou can have understudies tune in to previous Poet Laureate Billy Collins perused his sonnet The Names.Write a sonnet or bit of exposition celebrating the individuals who passed on the 9/11 attacks.September twelfth Theme: National Day of EncouragementWhich individual do you feel has roused and energized you the most in your life? Clarify your answer.September thirteenth Theme: Scooby Doos BirthdayIf you were in a Scooby-Doo scene, who might you want to be combined up with as you chase for apparitions: Scooby and Shaggy, Fred, Velma, or Daphne? Why?September fourteenth Theme: Pet Memor ial DayDescribe your preferred pet, living or dead. On the off chance that you have never had a pet, clarify what sort of pet youd like to have and what you would name it. September fifteenth Theme: National School Success MonthWhat do you want to do to turn out to be progressively effective in your classes at school? Clarify your answer.September sixteenth Theme: Mayflower DayPretend you were on the Mayflower on that first journey to settle in America. Depict your emotions after leaving England and afterward observing your new home.September seventeenth Theme: Constitution DayResources on The Constitution Center site: Explore the best, neutral, intuitive Constitution on the web, including materials composed by the top established researchers from over the political spectrum.Journal subject: If you could just keep one of the accompanying rights, which would it be? The right to speak freely of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press. Clarify your answerSeptember eighteenth Theme: Childhood (National Play-Doh Day)Do you miss primary school? Why or why not?September nineteenth Theme: Talk Like a Pirate DayWrite a sonnet or a section as though you were a privateer depicting all the fortune youve pillaged. Make a point to compose like a privateer. September twentieth Theme: Chicken Dance DayToday is Chicken Dance Day. For what reason do you imagine that numerous grown-ups appreciate moves like the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey? Do you appreciate them? Why or why not?September 21st Theme: World Gratitude DayName five things that you are thankful for. Clarify why you are thankful for each.September 22nd Theme: Dear Diary DayCreate a journal section about an exceptional day. This can be a genuine day in your own life or an anecdotal journal section. Make a point to begin with Dear Diary.September 23rd Theme: Checkers DayYouve been approached to play either checkers or chess. Which would you pick and why?September 24 Theme: National Punctuation DayWhich accentuation mark do you have the most issue utilizing effectively? You can browse the period, comma, colon, or semicolon.September 25th Theme: National Comic Book DayThe comic book showcase in North America has reached as high asâ $1 billion annually.Do you perused comi c books? Why or why not?September 26th Theme: Banned BooksBanned Books Week is a yearly occasion initially propelled in 1982 that praises the opportunity to peruse. As indicated by the Banned Books Week website:This is a push to unite the whole book network - administrators, book shops, distributers, writers, instructors, and perusers of various kinds - in shared help of the opportunity to look for and to communicate thoughts, even those some think about strange or unpopular.Do you feel that school libraries should boycott certain books? Bolster your assessment. September 27th Theme: Ancestor Appreciation DayWrite about your preferred precursor. On the off chance that you dont know whether your progenitor or dont have a most loved one, tell which most loved individual you wish was your predecessor. Clarify your explanations behind picking this person.September 28th Theme: Good Neighbor DayIn the sonnet Mending Wall by Robert Frost, the neighbor states Good fences make great neighbors. Clarify what you believe that announcement means.September 29th Theme: Coffee DayAre you an aficionado of espresso? Assuming this is the case, for what reason do you like it? What way do you like to drink it? If not, why not?September 30th Theme: Chewing Gum DayTake a stand either possibly in support of biting gum. Compose three contentions to help your supposition.

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Why may the Romans be considered great city builders Essay

For what reason may the Romans be viewed as incredible city developers - Essay Example The capital city of Rome was particularly well known for its point by point arranging and association. It is hard to see how city organizers of Rome could have pulled off such a fantastic and clearing venture without the guide of current design helps. However, the landmarks, government structures, open entertainment houses and different structures and arrangements inside the city were very best in class for the time. Also, a portion of the innovation utilized by Romans keeps on discovering application in current urban areas today. With no more prominent guide than stones, blocks, wood and mortar, the Romans developed extraordinary works of compositional worth. The Bridges over Danube and Rhine are prime instances of Roman design. These two streams, which set the northern furthest reaches of the domain, end up being an obstacle for the northward development of the realm. To defeat this issue Julius Caesar united the best compositional personalities available to him to assemble these s trategically and militarily significant scaffolds. The Colosseum is another milestone in the memorable city of Rome. Much following a few centuries of its development, the structure has to a great extent stayed unblemished, offering guests a dramatic encounter. Worked by Emperor Titus, the Colosseum was intended to have combatant battles and creature battles. So during its working days, it was observer to probably the most violent fights forever.

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Huongs Characters and the Suffering of Women under Confucian Ideologies - Literature Essay Samples

Traditional ideals, particularly in Asian culture value male superiority in the household whilst the women, has to assume secondary roles in the family. Confucianism as the foundation of most Asian regions since the Han dynasty in China has defined the mainstream discourse on gender onwards. The Three Obediences and Four Virtues defining the social codes for a virtuous woman and specific gender roles became the cornerstone of the kinfolk and society in general. Consequently, the majorly patriarchal ideologies in Confucianism has been regarded as sexist and historically damaging to Asian women. In Duong Thu Huong’s Paradise of the Blind the motif of one’s identity being defined for them is explored through the three main female characters from two generations Hang, Que (Hang’s mother) and Aunt Tam. The bildungsroman narrative focuses on Hang’s character charting her progression from a submissive girl to familial and cultural expectations to an individual who develops a fuller sense of who she is. Hang’s mother Que as a stereotypical character fits into the traditional side of Vietnamese society while the character Aunt Tam defies gender roles. Que suffers from the clutches of Confucian ideologies in that she is subjugated to the traditional female roles and familial loyalty that puts the male interests as the priority always. Whilst Aunt Tam despite defying the roles also suffers as an educated woman since she is not perceived by men as desirable, moreover, she is entangled in familial obligations to the dead. The Confucian ideologies teac h that a virtuous woman obeys the men in the family; the father in childhood and before marriage; the spouses after they marry; and their sons in widowhood. Furthermore, social stigmas were placed on factors such as remarriage or education for women leading to the decline of status of woman. Thus, through the Vietnam backdrop, Huong expresses the suffering of women under Confucian ideologies due to the traditional gender roles, familial duties and loyalty, and societal expectations. Through the female characters, Huong highlights their suffering under Confucian ideologies through the traditional roles that warrant self-abnegation and self-sacrifice. Que asserts â€Å"To live with dignity, the important thing is never to despair. You give up once, and everything gives way. They say ginger root becomes stringy but pungent with age. Unhappiness forges a woman, makes her selfless, compassionate† (HÆ °Ã† ¡ng). Que continually accentuated the act of being self-sacrificing as a woman in Vietnamese culture according to the maxims and traditional practices of Confucianism. As a street vendor in Hanoi only making measly earnings, Que takes pride in the suffering in which traditions have enacted upon them. She fortifies Hang to express the same kind of selflessness showing the extent to which generations of women are bound to the traditional roles. The teachings threat female autonomy as mothers convey the ideals of passivity and subjection in the Vietnamese cultur e. At a young age after witnessing a peasant woman vending barley sugar Hang ponders, â€Å"I was mesmerized by her huge, splayed feet†¦scored with tiny cracks, encrusted with gray patches of dead skin. Decades before her, another woman, just like her†¦plodded along with the same feet† (HÆ °Ã† ¡ng). Huong highlights that peasant women have been trapped in traditions which exacted extreme hard work and great suffering from them, and are passed down from mother to daughter. Furthermore Hang watches as her mother, Que, honors his brother and blinded by her loyalty to him even at times neglecting her own daughter. Consequently, women around Hang specifically Que and Aunt Tam lead lives that are dependent on honoring the patriarchy and the dead thus suffer through familial loyalty and duties. As Hang is welcomed at the ancestral home as the heir she feels â€Å"as if I were drinking to some solemn, merciless vow, some sacred, primitive rite† (HÆ °Ã† ¡ng). Hang alludes to the self-sacrificing familial loyalties she has witnessed through her mother and her foster mother, Aunt Tam and she is unsure of adopting the same position. Hang witnesses Que’s self-denying steps of devotion to her brother Chinh and her Aunt Tam’s loyalty from the bitterness of her wronged family. Throughout Hang’s childhood, Que is portrayed as consumed in servicing her only remaining family, her brother Chinh; she struggles and suffers to provide for his family which also entails two sons. The Three Obediences of Confucianism asserts that the maiden or married woman has an obligation to the male s in the family her entire life. Thus, Que even neglects her own daughter to cater to his remaining brother and his sons as males are considered more important. The shackles of familial loyalty are also seen through Aunt Tam who is devoted to continuing the bloodline and tending to the wrongdoings imparted on her dead family. She even supports Hang’s studies not for her sake but in order to honor the memory of her grandfather and father. In traditionalist Vietnam culture, the people are defined by the rules set by their preceding generations hence the living must serve the dead. Hang who intends to separate from the bounds of familial devotions asserts, â€Å"We can honor the wishes of the dead with a few flowers on a grave somewhere. I cant squander my life tending †¦ shadows, the legacy of past crimes† (HÆ °Ã† ¡ng). By the end of the novel, she realizes that this path will not bring her happiness and takes the risk to leave behind her familial duties in pursuit of her own happiness. Additionally, Huong suggests that women in Vietnam have to fit a very specific criterion to be considered a real and virtuous woman, eligible for marriage. Hang states, â€Å"My aunt was very beautiful but since she was educated and aloof she couldn’t seem to find a husband† (HÆ °Ã† ¡ng). It suggests that the sole role of a virtuous woman is to get married and domesticity, any other endeavors are against societal expectations. Being educated is frowned upon rather than celebrated. Moreover, the assertion suggests that the woman should only be beautiful and nothing else. Aunt Tam as an educated woman and aloof individual are main reasons she fails to attract a husband. In traditionalist Vietnamese culture, women have to abide by certain standards and social codes placed by centuries-old ideologies. Henceforth, women who subvert the norms but are still traditionalists, in essence, suffer the wrath of the ideologies. Essentially, the reasons why Hang’s decision to subvert the traditions is followed by complete detachment from the culture. Accordingly, Huong illustrates the suffering of Vietnamese women under Confucian ideologies as a result of its traditional gender roles, familial devotion and loyalty, and cultural expectations. Huong explores this motif by describing Hang’s struggle against following the customs and being unhappy and broken and her quest to find happiness. Through her eyes, the customs has subjugated her mother Que and other peasant women into a life of self-sacrifice, unhappiness, and self-abnegation. The traditionalist culture fosters the veneration of the patriarchy and the dead at the expense of the women preventing thinking for oneself if one is female. The rigid social codes for women also nurtures an unfortunate life for women who challenge the norms while still imbued with the ideologies. Fundamentally, the thoughts allow for patriarchal devaluation and oppression through the obligations and expectations they demand from women. Work Cited HÆ °Ã† ¡ng, DÆ °Ã† ¡ng Thu. Paradise of the Blind. 1988. Web.

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Compare and Contrast Women at Home in Ww1 and Ww2

Compare and contrast the role of women at home during World War I and World War II. Before World War I and World War II, women at home had the roles of maintaining duties for their family and children, such as cleaning, caring for the house, and cooking for the family. They were more likely judged by their exquisiteness rather than their ability. Just before World War I began, women were beginning to break away from the traditional roles they had played at home. Throughout both World Wars, women in the United States faced similar challenges, however, during the Second World War; women were trusted with much more freedom and responsibility than they had in the First World War. In comparison, the first and second World Wars†¦show more content†¦At the time of World War one, the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), Patriotic League, and the Red Cross organizations were made to help the war efforts. The Red Cross for example, allowed women to work and help the war effort as nurses. As women were not seen to work in higher praised jobs that only men could do, they proved themselves to be as skilled if not more during World War one. Women worked in industries and their development was drastically spoken about in newspapers and articles. There successes and skilled efforts was commended and was beginning to change the minds of men who thought women were incapable. Women, during World War one, replaced men in skillful jobs such as railroad workers, and other machine operators. During the beginning of World War one, women were seen as incapable of holding professional jobs that men took. However, demonstrating their efforts in factories and hel ping the war effort showed the capability of women to work in any job that was traditionally for women. Throughout World War one, women gained the positions of being doctors, lawyers, and bankers. These job opportunities during World War one gave women a chance to show the male-dominated society that they were proficient and were able to more than staying at home and raising their children. Throughout World War one, women had played a vital role in helping the war and its soldiers. Women also played a key role in helping the

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Manual vs Computerized Accounting - 1225 Words

Manual versus Computerized Accounting Ever since Lucas Pacioli wrote about and spread the knowledge of double entry accounting in his â€Å"Summa di Arithemetica† in 1494, modern manual accounting was born (Hendrickson, 2007), though manual accounting has existed in many forms since ancient times. In contrast, computerized accounting systems are a more modern invention, as the first computer was invented between 1943 and 1946 (â€Å"Great Events in Accounting amp; Business History†, (n.d.)) and Arthur Anderson first computerized the payroll of General Electric in 1953 (â€Å"Great Events in Accounting amp; Business History†, (n.d.)). Powerful personal computers were not readily available to the average person until the 1980’s and 1990’s. Manual†¦show more content†¦Computerized accounting systems have advantages. They can increase the speed and efficiency of the accounting process and can be less labor intensive owing to the automation of many functions like journalization a nd calculation. Performing the summation of all the individual transactions entered is automated and printing financial statements from the data is quick and easy. Although there may be data entry errors, these may be easier to find in a computerized system, and there should be no transcription error as the computer performs the transcription for you. Computerized accounting systems, since they can easily handle large numbers of transactions with ease, are more practical for large companies with a large volume of transactions. Lastly, one advantage I’ve seen with computerized accounting is the generation of financial statements at any time during the accounting cycle, if you wish to do this. With manual accounting, this is labor and time intensive and impractical. Computerized accounting systems are not without their disadvantages, though. For example, many small businesses don’t have a lot of start-up capital and most computerized accounting systems are somewhat cost-prohibitive for them. They are dependent upon computers with all the attendant problems that can come with that – power outages, viruses, data security, and computer fraud. I believe, as well, that theShow MoreRelatedComputerized vs. Manual Accounting1630 Words   |  7 PagesPrepared For : Mr. Nelson Title: | Computerized Accounting should completely replaces Manual AccountingPrepared By : Ali H. Al-MuslimID#: 200628620Section# : 05SN#: 02Group#:01Word Count:1,333 | 10/7/2012 10/7/2012 Table of Contents Table of Contents II Introduction 3 I. Manual Accounting 4 A. Benefits 4 1. Cost effective 4 2. Availability 4 B. Limitations 4 1. Finding Errors 4 2. Time Factor 5 II. Computerized Accounting 5 A. Benefits 5 1. Speed 5 2Read MoreBenefits Of Using A Computerized Accounting System1247 Words   |  5 Pagesindependent CPA, and accounting software consultant, has several clients in her practice located in Louisville, Kentucky. XYZ Company has used the same journal and ledger manual system for more than twenty years. On the other hand, other small, medium and large business clients prefer an automated accounting system because of the advantages. In the end, independent accountants serve multiple types and sized businesses. Which accounting system is the best in a public accounting (CPA) environment;Read MoreInformation Technology and Its Significance in the Accounting Profession in Today’s Modern Society2847 Words   |  12 PagesA Library Research on INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE IN THE ACCOUNTING PROFESSION IN TODAY’S MODERN SOCIETY Presented to Elizabeth D. Kapulong, MA.Ed UST-AMV College of Accountancy As a partial requirement to complete the course, English 3 Prepared by The Tributes Members: Sahagun, Abbie Rose R. Pelaez, Angelica Marie, Cantoria, Gabrielle Alcid, Ariane Santiago Steffany August 22, 2012 ABSTRACT Table of Contents I. THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND 4 ARead MoreChallenges and Opportunities of Computerized Accounting System6101 Words   |  25 PagesChallenges and Opportunities of Computerized Accounting System Ahmed Qaalib Ismail BCom BIT Reg.No: HK-MBA-01411 This Thesis submitted to Kampala University Impartial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Master of Business Administration Kampala University 08/04/2013 By: Ahmed Qaalib Ismail DECLARATION I, Ahmed Qaalib Ismail, declare that this research report is my original work. It has not been submitted to any other university or higherRead MoreLala3593 Words   |  15 PagesThe General Ledger has been the basic bookkeeping tool of double-entry accounting since the Green Eyeshade days. It records financial transactions as both Credits and Debits in balance sheets, which before the advent of software were bound together in huge volumes like something out of a Dickens novel. BS1 General Ledger from Davis Business Systems brings the General Ledger up to cyber speed with a variety of easy-to-use accounting tools that can track budgets and financial data and generate incomeRead MoreCommunication Risks in Accounting Information System in the Commercial Banks of Pakistan2996 Words   |  12 PagesThe Communication risk between computer unit and internal control unit and its impact on the efficiency of Accounting Information System in the Commercial Banks of Pakistan INTRODUCTION: The modern world introduces new and new technology day by day, more and more innovation and invention in computer related technology. It have more effects in computerize accounting information system in banking sector of Pakistan by providing unique and quality services to their customers by using cutting-edge technologyRead More Laptops vs. Desktops Essay1769 Words   |  8 PagesLaptops vs. Desktops Which is the better computer? Laptops vs. Desktops The history of computers begins about 2000 years ago, starting with what was known as the abacus, a wooden rack holding two horizontal wires with beads strung on them. From there, computers grew. Computers as most would think of them began in 1936 and grew from there. First there was the Z models – Z1 (the first binary computer, Z2 (the first fully functioning electro-mechanical computer), Z3 (the first electronicRead MoreSchool Billing System3634 Words   |  15 Pagesadopt modern technology in order to survive and compete with markets demands. Also, through the use of this technology, different transactions and processing systems have become computerized for greater ease and accuracy. Likewise, through technology, information is easily obtained hence, people tend to rely less in manual operations. Hypothesis We have an admin office that needs to simplify the application process; a Cashier’s office that needs to make billing reconciliation easier; and a studentRead MorePoultry Farm11976 Words   |  48 Pagesand vaccinations, customers department and administration point where the login eligibility of any system to use the system. At the present, the farm system is paper based, constituting the manual file keeping and the use of manual record books. The farm employs a number of employees who perform the manual record work within the organization. The time spent in the access of the records is a very precious resource and hence it will be very important if the information could be quickly retrieved withRead MoreFghgfhgfh3698 Words   |  15 PagesCourse –III (LC) – Tamil*/Other Language +# 6 6 5 4 5 2 2 3 3 5 4 3 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 IV IV English Language Course –III (ELC) Core Course IV Financial Accounting Core Course V Practical Auditing Allied Course IV Computer Applications in Business Skill Based Elective – I Non-Major Elective – I for those who studied Tamil under Part I a) Basic Tamil for other language students b) Special Tamil for those who

Financial Position Memo

Question: Discuss Medbox's overall financial reporting and financial position.? Answer: Overall financial reporting and financial position analysis of Medbox The quarterly financial statement of Medbox shows that the gross profit levels of the company are negative and hence the gross profit ratios are negative. The present GP ratio for September 30th 2014 is around (5.91) which suggests that the company lacks financial profitability. (Refer to appendix 1) This also suggests that Medbox has no financial capability to pay for operating expenses like salaries, selling and marketing, research and development and general administrative expenses. The company shows consistently negative net incomes because despite the low gross margin ratios the company has incurred high operating expenses and low revenues that have led to loss from the operations. The return on assets ratio is around (0.36) which is also negative suggesting that the company is not able to manage its assets effectively to yield the greater amounts of income (Leach, 2010). (Refer to appendix 3) The analysis of the balance sheet shows a number of unusual items like derivative liability, which increase the amount of liability of the company. The investments of the company are also nil in 2014 and 2012 showing low amount of assets. Hence from the analysis of the balance sheet it can be confirmed that the company has a low liquidity position. The low liquidity position and the negative revenue shows that the company is not in a condition to pay short or long term debts and is advisable to increase the sales of the medicine storage devices in order to attain a stable financial position (Skov Jensen, 2011). References Leach, R. (2010).Ratios made simple. Petersfield, Hampshire: Harriman House. Skov Jensen, H. (2011).Recommendations financial ratios 2010. Copenhagen: The Danish Society of Financial Analysts.